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Hans in the House - Week 5, 2024


  • It’s crunch time up here in the House! We are now in what is referred to as “Funnel Week”. Unfortunately, it’s not as fun as a funnel cake, but it’s still interesting and important to know.

  • So what is Funnel Week? Funnel Week is the last week that a bill could be approved by a committee and remain eligible for consideration to be brought to the House Floor. While the bills that do not meet this deadline are considered “dead", it doesn’t mean that their content is completely out of consideration for the rest of the session. Legislation that involves spending or tax and government oversight components are exempt from the funnel and in addition the language from the bills that did not make the deadline can be added on as amendments to other bills or be brought up as leadership-sponsored legislation.



  • As some of you may know, my family business is a flower shop called Edd the Florist based out of Ottumwa. Obviously, the week of Valentine’s is a particularly busy one for me with this business, so this week I spent a couple days at the flower shop to make sure that my community is cared for.

  • Edd the Florist is a real testament to the American dream. The family-owned shop was first purchased by my parents in 1956. My mother, Margaret Wilz, immigrated to the United States from Germany at 17 years old, followed by her husband and my father, Karl. They traveled by train from New York through Chicago and finally to Ottumwa in search of where to begin building a new life together.

  • Once there, they bought a flower business called Edd the Florist. They couldn't afford a new sign, so they kept the name and got to work establishing strong family and community ties. For more than half a century, my family has dedicated themselves to the flower shop as well as the community of Ottumwa. The business remains in the Wilz family today as my family and I continue to run the shop.

  • Under my leadership, the flower shop has also grown to include one-of-a-kind gifts, including gourmet food items, candies, candles, bags, and more. If you’re ever in the neighborhood, I would highly encourage you to swing on by and say hi!


A huge thank you to all those who wrote me a letter on the AEAs! It means a lot to me to hear your opinions on the issue!

Please join me at and on Facebook at Hans for Iowa House District 25 to stay up to date on everything I’m doing!

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